League Rules

The league committee shall consist of the presifent, chairman, vice-chairman, secreatary and treasurer; along with any other nominees, elected at the AGM.

The entry fees to be reviewed annually at the AGM for the following season.

Each team shall consist of FIVE players. Each player to play one frame and the one point to be awarded to the winner of each frame.

League matches shall be played on Tuesdays unless stated othrwise. Games to commence at 19:30pm.

All results must be sent to ‘results@stblazeydistrictsnooker.co.uk’ by Wednesday midnight, failure to do so will result in a £5 fine.

In an event of a player wishing to transfer from one club to another, both clubs involved must obtain permission from the secretary beforehand. Players may only transfer between clubs once per season.

No player will be permitted to transfer after having played three games for any team of the club

The home team are to provide a competent referee/marker

Should any club withdraw from the league, all points shall be cancelled and entry fees forfeited.

Should two or more clubs be equal after all their matches they shall compete at a neutral venue as arranged by the committee; should prizes be involved.

Any resolutions proposed at the AGM to be subject to one vote per club.

Any re-arranged fixtures must be played within 14 days of original date but must not pass the final league fixture.

Very late cancellations may result in a fine at the discretion of the committee. Committee meetings for such purposes may require the attendance of both captains.

If any club is unable to fulfil a fixture due to weather and therefore no prior notification possible, it is up to the club cancelling the fixture to re-arrange a new date within 14 days. This is only exception to rule 12.

Winning clubs to be responsible, through their respective secretaries; for the safe custody of trophies whilst in their possession.

Entries to the league to be automatic from the previous season with option of withdrawing up to the date of the AGM.

A 15 minute wait is permitted after the fourth game for a player to appear before forfeiting the point for the game involved. The 15 minutes shall not start however, before 21:15pm

No victory league player can play in the rees league.

A rees league player can play a maximum of 3 games a season for another team from their club in the victory league.

When a team fails to provide five players, the result card must clearly state ‘Walkover’ where applicable. If false entries or ficticious scores are entered, both clubs are liable to a fine of £10 each.

Any team playing in the league with LESS than four players will be fined £25.

Prize winners of individual and doubles competitions must attend the annual presentation function to receive their trophies; otherwise the trophies will be forfeited.

Prize winning teams must be represented at the annual presentation by a minimum of three team members in order to qualify for trophies EXCEPTING the team pairs competition, when a minimum of four team members must be present. If absence is unavoidable, consideration will be given to waiving the rules; subject to the secretary being informaed of the absence in writing beforehand.

Any questions arising and not provided for in these rules shall be decided by the league committee, as nominated in rule1.

All players participating in the St Blazey and District Snooker League MUST be ful and valid members of the clubs they represent. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action being taken on the team involved; and/or potential points deducted/fine. (As decided by the SB&DSL committee).

All tables to be brushed and ironed before the start of the match 19:15pm / 19:30pm hours, failure to do so will result in a £10 fine.

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