Bugle A

The idea of building a club in the village was conceived in 1907 with the foundation stone laid in 1908. However money was short and the building work was delayed until sufficient funds became available.

It was at this time that a group of working men from the village got together and decided to hold a Brass Band contest in order to try to raise the funds needed to finish the building of the club. And so the West of England Bandsmens Festival (now more commonly known as Bugle Band Contest) was born. The men each donated a gold sovereign to cover the prize money and on September 14th 1912, 10 bands from Cornwall and 1 from Devon competed for those gold sovereigns.

6000 people attended the contest which was won by Camborne Town Band and enough money was raised for the building of the club to be completed by the end of 1913. The Bugle Band Contest recently celebrated their Centenary (www.buglebandcontest.co.uk Twitter @webf_bugle) and it is not altogether appreciated by many what a strong link that exists between the band contest and the Workingmens Club.

On the snooker side of things, here are two tables on the first floor of the club and junior memberships are available to anyone from the age of 15 years old. Players need to be assessed by Ian Powell, Andrew Best or Ian Ball before they are allowed to play on the ‘match table’ and until such time must only play on the ‘second table’. New members/players are most welcome. We currently run 3 teams but would ove to be able to enter another one in the local St Blazey and Dstrict League.

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