1 Gary Spencer

Gary Spencer
Team Captain
Left or Right Handed
What was your first ever memory of snooker?
Losing on the black in my first ever league game in the Ree's League when stepping in last minute to make up the numbers
At what age did you start playing snooker and why?
15 - Because I wasn't allowed to play earlier at Bugle WMC at that time.
What has been your greatest achievement in snooker?
Matchplay ton, beating Andy hicks in an exhibition, 140TC, representing Cornwall, County Team & Doubles trophies, Victory League seasons 2009 & 2018/19 winning multiple trophy's from team ones, to dbls and individuals along with many successful seasons in between.
Who is the most famous professional player you have played or met?
Ronnie, Judd & luckily plenty more
Who is your favourite TV commentator?
What is your Favourite professional player and why?
What has been the most memorable snooker match you have ever seen?
Ronnie v Higgins when Higgins won by a single frame when Ronnie was playing sublime and Higgins not only matched him but won the final. Unsure on the year, but remember watching it till the end!
Who is the best player in the league?
Andrew Best in my time of playing, Barrie Mcintosh/Darren Lock both deserve a mention on merit. All 3 County Champions
Who is the most under-rated player in the league?
Don't really know
Funniest moment in your snooker experience?
Henry playing from the cushion when he had the ball in hand after the ref left it there
Who is your bogey player?
Don't really have one
Do you have any snooker ambitions you still have not achieved?
Yes a magical 147 & anything I've not yet won I guess
What is your highest break?
140 Total Clearance, 122 Total Clearance and Matchplay 102
Current Team
Bugle A
Victory League
2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022

Victory League

SeasonTeamPointsMatchup winsBreaksGames PlayedGames WonWin Percentage
2018-2019Bugle A112300 55 43 45 37 30 32191684.21
2019-2020Bugle A114300 35 49 44 40 31 60191578.95