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Week one a resounding success

So as the first week of the new season comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on what I call a resounding success, out of all the teams we only had 2 that didn’t use the new system.

I have to tell you I was nervous about this, a year in development with groundbreaking features, up to midnight for the past week trying to get everything running nicely was hard, but I feel it went very well, feedback was good and uptake also very good, all in all well received.

I have learnt about a few bugs and a few processes that need to be addressed moving forward not only into the following weeks but into phase 3 of the project which encompasses the competitions being moved into this format.

I even managed to win my first game of the season in our great 5-0 win to the start of the season, shockingly I played alright considering i’m very tired and had no practice for 4 months!.

Below I have listed some of the general feedback and areas to address, please feel free to add to this using the comments boxes below, and also I encourage you all to register on the site.

  1. If card is edited at end of evening (not live) then when going to fixtures it shows the next fixture (next week) – we need a new box above next fixture for the live timeframe that says – current live fixture in play – then users can click on this (will save confusion)
  2. Notifications – need to be better worded and feature players names, so for instance – Richard Pearson bt Justin Hooley 48-20 to put Tregonissey A 4-0 up
  3. Adjust mobile styles to fit better on some devices
  4. Remove player button needs to be more obvious
  5. Make the submit final result more obvious (upload card) think this needs a little more validation, eg when all 5 frames are complete – it understands and prompts you to submit.
  6. Inputs for scores/breaks should trigger mobile numerical keypad.
    Profile button to toggle notifications on/off
New features
  1. Live scores page.
  2. Player profile, Cueview and registration to amend your own content.
  3. Live rankings
  4. Live breaks
Phase 3
  1. Competition score cards
  2. Further exciting additions to profiles

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